The state of innovation, AI and technology in biodiversity


The annual Top Tier Impact investment Summit (TTI) on Nature & Biodiversity, hosted by Howard Kennedy in June 2024, brought together senior figures from asset managers, investment banks to startup founders. One of the key topics addressed during the event was: The state of innovation, AI, and technology in biodiversity.

During the panel discussion, experts explored cutting-edge strategies for biodiversity conservation, highlighting the fusion of advanced technologies with indigenous knowledge. From regenerative agriculture to AI-enabled monitoring in agroforestry, the dialogue underscored the multifaceted approach necessary to tackle climate challenges.

Defining Innovation

Innovation in sustainability requires clear definitions and alignment with corporate goals. Recognising indigenous practices is crucial, offering sustainable methods for land management and conservation.

AI and Regenerative Agriculture

AI plays a pivotal role in conservation. Climate FinTech platforms and AI-enabled systems are enhancing regenerative sourcing and monitoring carbon sequestration in agroforestry, making climate action more precise and effective.

Tech-Enhanced Biodiversity Monitoring

Technological advancements, such as visual intelligence and satellite monitoring, are revolutionising biodiversity tracking. Real-time monitoring cameras are protecting endangered species and preventing poaching through immediate alerts.

Integrating Indigenous Knowledge

Combining ancient knowledge with modern data and AI creates innovative business models and impactful conservation strategies. Aligning supply chain sustainability with corporate targets ensures meaningful progress.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data bridges AI innovation with capital markets. Initiatives like "Data for Good" leverage institutional capital for scaling up sustainable practices, reconnecting consumers with nature, and promoting sustainable practices.

Call to Action

To support these initiatives, several action items were proposed, including developing AI systems for carbon measurement, building data modelling capabilities for land management, exploring technology transfer partnerships, and launching a working group focused on regenerative sourcing communication.

The panel underscored that the path to effective biodiversity conservation lies in a holistic approach—one that marries the best of technology with the wisdom of traditional practices, supported by robust data and clear sustainability goals.

About TTI 

Top Tier Impact (TTI) is a global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals focused on solving the world's most pressing challenges through impact investing and sustainability. TTI facilitates the flow of capital into impactful ventures and promotes collaboration among leaders in the field.

Panel Speakers:

  • Esben Svane Stockmarr, Founder & CEO at Prima Terra Group
  • Marcela Flores, CEO at Tierra-Foods
  • Marco Lambertini, Convener at Nature Positive Initiative
  • Michele Sofisti, CEO at Nzatu
  • Moderator: Nic Gorini, Managing Partner at Spin Ventures


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